Case #1 - Private Multinational

As one of the world’s largest multi-national organisations, our client is committed to understanding and minimising any adverse environmental impacts of the beverage manufacturing activities. As part of this process of continual improvement, they identified a requirement to utilise subcontractors with complimentary accreditations, and Greenbox fitted the bill perfectly.

After visiting our Sydney processing facility and seeing first hand how Greenbox deals with the issues around eWaste, they decided to use our eCycling service for their IT disposals.

Case #2 -State Government Agency

A large Queensland Government Agency, our client operates in a geographically diverse area with operations in over 30 regional centres throughout the state. With a fleet of many thousands of computers, they are in a program of continual, measured refresh. They needed an eCycling partner who could combine consistency of service with a guarantee of zero landfill, and Greenbox fitted the bill.

Using the all-electronic communication capabilities of the TAMS system, they can request a pick-up using a simple web form and then track the progress of their items through the complete disposal process.

Case #3 - Enterprise Systems Integrator

Our client is a leading global solution provider specialising in enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions and services for asset-intensive organisations in mining, utilities, transport, defence and government. After a large data-centre refurbishment and equipment upgrade, they were left with a big issue – how to dispose of old equipment in an ethically responsible manner – to avoid landfill and guarantee to their shareholders all data had been erased.

Greenbox responded to their specific requirements by collecting and processing all the equipment and issuing Certificates of Erasure for each individual disc from the arrays – over 400 in total!!

Greenbox produces an average sale value of 19% more than our competitors.

Greenboxʼs asset management program,TAMS, maintains comprehensive details of each and every asset.

Greenbox has an amazingly simple four step process to pack, asset track, reuse or recycle end-of-life IT assets.

Greenbox ensures all data on assets is fully erased to US Dept of Defence standards (US Dod 5220.22M multi pass wiping system)

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