Greenbox is committed to a cleaner environment through eCycling. We are ISO 14001:2004 (AU986A-QC-EC) Environmental Management Systems certified and maintain the Recycler's Pledge of True Stewardship. Also EPA executives and Government officials attend and inspect our facilities to confirm Greenbox maintains all the necessary operational standards in place ensuring all environmental issues are considered.

WEEE Care - How We Recycle

All IT assets at Greenbox are designated for reuse or recycling. We are subscribers to the WEEE directive (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive 2002/96/EC) the objective is to “Reduce - Reuse - Recycle”. We promote all three by reducing the amount of landfill, remarketing late model computers and recycling computers otherwise destined for landfill.

Basel Convention

Under the Basel Convention the equipment is shipped to the recycling plant where it is recycled using state-of-the-art mechanical and chemical processing.

One of the key objectives during recycling involves the recovery of precious metals from electronic waste via a chemical process. This is internationally accepted as environmentally superior to methods of recovery currently available in mainland Australia. The current domestic process relies on shredding prior to landfill dumping (“Shred and Shed”) or incineration releasing CO2 and harmful dioxins directly into the atmosphere.


As a result of a successful research and development program, our strategic recycling partner now offers a commercially viable solution for spent epoxy plastic found in integrated circuits and printer cartridges. They use a process that converts them into shipping pallets. Emissions from all the recovery processes are tightly controlled with the latest pollution control systems which include sophisticated dust collection equipment, multiple scrubber systems, waste water treatment and compliance with ISO14001:2004 practices.

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