Greenbox offers a simple disposal service for the packing, logistics and recycling of your end-of-life technology. When new equipment arrives for installation the question most often asked is “what do we do with the old items?” Disposal logistics, data security and environmental issues all have to be considered.

Greenbox is an industry leading end-of-life (EOL) asset management company with ISO 9001 quality and 14001 environmental accreditation. Greenbox specialises in the logistics and management of EOL I.T. equipment and it’s subsequent disposal through appropriate environmentally sound channels.

After installing new equipment, Greenbox (or your System Integrator) will pack the old items into the recycled/reused cartons.

Greenbox manages the collection and shipping logistics to the nearest Greenbox processing facility.

Greenbox review all assets collected, assess future usability and clears all hard disks to US Department Of Defense standards.

Assets are redirected into either remarket or recycle channels reducing pressure on landfill and reducing the impact of their carbon creation footprint.

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