Greenbox Price Comparison

As a logical extension to its market leading zero-landfill disposal solution, Greenbox is now delivering a full range of desktop logistics and installation services to assist in the deployment of new desktop IT fleets. Greenbox uses the residual value of the outgoing equipment to fund the cost of installation, deinstallation, logistics and ethical (zero landfill) disposal. We then pay surplus funds to you in the form of a rebate.

Better Financial Outcomes

The example compares the Greenbox eCycling services to the fees charged by some of the successful tender respondees of a major Government Tender. Greenbox represents savings of up to 65% of the price being offered by leading industry players. For further information on the services we offer click here.



Note, in the majority of cases, the realised residual value of the outgoing equipment exceeds the eCycling fees, enabling a rebate to be paid to the Agency.

Quality Service

Greenbox’s award winning eCycle Innovation service leads the industry in desktop logistics and asset management service.

As the Australian Computer Society (ACS) noted upon awarding Greenbox a Special Commendation in the Green IT Award (Corporate) category in March 2010, Greenbox’s eCycle-Innovation service provides a positive financial inducement ensuring end-of-life IT equipment is ethically handled.

Similarly, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) presented Greenbox with a Merit Award in July 2010 in the Sustainable Computing category of the 2010 iAwards for their contribution to a more sustainable means of managing electronic waste.

So in selecting Greenbox for this program of work, you can be assured of a high quality (ISO9001 Accredited) and ethical (ISO14001 Accredited) outcome. Additionally, Greenbox consistently delivers superior financial returns for their clients while leading the way environmentally through ISO certification, observance of the Basel Convention and WEEE Directive.

In Summary

Greenbox's eCycling service is recognised as a high quality service which delivers savings of between $53.60 and $93.18 per desktop resulting in significantly reduced costs for major desktop refresh projects.

Engaging with Greenbox

Greenbox provides services to major government and corporate entities. Any federal or state government agency can engage with Greenbox via the AGIMO desktop panel SON335550. We can be contacted on 1300 20 10 10 or to arrange an immediate collection service click here.

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