The Greenbox remarketing sale model is unique. We deal with a vast number of buyers in Australia and overseas. Many of our clients buy in small quantities and pay a premium price for a guaranteed product.

Price Makers

There are 2 types of sellers; the Price Taker and the Price Maker. Unlike competitors such as auctioneers who ‘take’ a price that the buyers dictate, we ‘make’ the price by setting it at levels that we determine.

A Better Sales Model

The Greenbox end-of-life IT equipment sales model is unique. It utilises specifically targeted sale channels based on item condition assessment and local market demand. In a recent study Greenbox sale prices were compared to a major competitor's. The results were undeniable; Greenbox produced a 19% better return for a lower cost.

Plus Reduced Costs

The highly optimised Greenbox solution enables clients to reduce their administration and management costs for the disposal process. Cost savings are in the order of 10% to 45% of typical 'in-house management' overheads. 

The Bottom Line – Better Returns

Greenbox produces an average sale value of 19% more than the competition and charges nearly 63% less!

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