You’re given a precise Quotation based on what identical items are achieving in the market right now, providing a high level of financial certainty.


All procedures are documented (ask to see them), ISO9001 Accredited and carried out at cost (ask to see our calculations).

Real-time Tracking

Collected items are visible to you via a secure real-time online tracking system where you’ll see all charges, fees and disposal proceeds on an item-by-item basis.

Full Reuse or Recycling

There is no landfill. Period.


Data Security and sanitisation is carried out to DoD5220-22M standards in accordance with ACSI33. This is the only way to guarantee equipment anonymity and avoid the possibility of future criminal or civil action.

Comprehensive Reports

Full data retention and reporting is available to you online for seven years. Any future Corporate Governance questions or queries can be quickly and easily dealt with.

Financial Return

Optimum financial return is assured. A financial return benchmarked at 9-19% better than auction and other disposal channels is achievable.

We call this eCycling – the ethical alternative.

Greenbox produces an average sale value of 19% more than our competitors.

Greenboxʼs asset management program,TAMS, maintains comprehensive details of each and every asset.

Greenbox has an amazingly simple four step process to pack, asset track, reuse or recycle end-of-life IT assets.

Greenbox ensures all data on assets is fully erased to US Dept of Defence standards (US Dod 5220.22M multi pass wiping system)

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