Greenbox’s award winning eCycle Innovation service leads the industry in desktop logistics and asset management service.

As the Australian Computer Society (ACS) noted upon awarding Greenbox a Special Commendation in the Green IT Award (Corporate) category in March 2010, Greenbox’s eCycle-Innovation service provides a positive financial inducement ensuring end-of-life IT equipment is ethically handled.

Similarly, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) presented Greenbox with a Merit Award in July 2010 in the Sustainable Computing category of the 2010 iAwards for their contribution to a more sustainable means of managing electronic waste.

So in selecting Greenbox for this program of work, you can be assured of a high quality (ISO9001 Accredited) and ethical (ISO14001 Accredited) outcome. Additionally, Greenbox consistently delivers superior financial returns for their clients while leading the way environmentally through ISO certification, observance of the Basel Convention and WEEE Directive

eCycle Innovation> in it’s purest form is a set of contiguous processes which delivers a secure, fully tracked outcome which lowers the carbon footprint of the outgoing device and virtually eliminates the need for costly Project Management service components.

Clients simply select the level of service they require from a menu-based service suite.Our core services include:

Receipt and Warehousing

Greenbox can receive equipment and hold it in a secure manner. Services include inspection and verification, entry into our web-based tracking system, order creation and packaging ready for delivery.

Pre-delivery technical tasks

These include imaging with a client-supplied image, asset tagging and recording, BIOS modification, electrical safety testing & tagging and hardware modifications prior to delivery.

National Storage and Delivery

Storage is arranged on either an item-by-item or pallet basis. When combined with installation services, equipment will normally be delivered in Greenbox vehicles by Greenbox staff unless otherwise specified by the client.

Deployment Services

A number of standard installation services are available comprising sub-modules. Clients may customise the service to meet their exact requirements. Services include onsite imaging from a server or disc, data transfer, installation of specific packages and onsite asset tag and report where equipment has been delivered to the client’s site.

De-installation Services

Outgoing equipment is deinstalled and can be data-sanitised to DOD5220.22M (ACSI33) levels and certificated on an individual basis in real-time. Greenbox utilises the incoming equipment packaging to package the outgoing equipment in line with the WEEE re-use directive. Greenbox can also supply packaging material if required, ensuring minimal transit damage.

Valuations and Advice

We empower our clients to make disposal decisions with a high level of confidence. Our clients access accurate market valuations on their end-of-life IT equipment through our TAMS system that tracks the sale value of each and every item.

Collection and Logistics

Where equipment has been installed by the Client, we offer a comprehensive nation-wide collection service. Our systems are fully automated - complete a simple online form and we take care of the rest.

Packaging and Pre-collection

We pack end-of-life equipment at your site for transit to one of our processing facilities. We use best practice packing techniques and materials to ensure the safety and security of your equipment.


Upon arriving at one of our processing facilities, we receipt, register, inspect and report on your items – you can inspect your inventory online with a secure logon to our TAMS tracking system.


To ensure your data is secured we sanitise all storage media to DoD 5220.22M and ASCI-33 levels. Our processing facilities can adapt any special destruction requirements or processes you require. Class-leading approved wiping technologies have been augmented to automatically upload condition and sanitisation reports into our asset tracking system ensuring our clients have absolute traceability of all their equipment on an item-by-item basis.

Private Sales Programs

In this service module, outgoing equipment is uploaded into the Greenbox web-based sales system and a private logon is provided, allowing a client’s staff the option to purchase outgoing equipment at fair market prices.


Once you are satisfied with the Greenbox equipment and condition reports simply release your items for sale. Our national marketing team will then distribute the items through our sales channels delivering maximised financial returns. All item sale values and charges are visible in TAMS via your login.


Any items that are assessed as non-functional or low-value are recycled using zero landfill techniques.

Greenbox produces an average sale value of 19% more than our competitors.

Greenboxʼs asset management program,TAMS, maintains comprehensive details of each and every asset.

Greenbox has an amazingly simple four step process to pack, asset track, reuse or recycle end-of-life IT assets.

Greenbox ensures all data on assets is fully erased to US Dept of Defence standards (US Dod 5220.22M multi pass wiping system)

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