Case Studies

IT asset management case studies

Pre-deployment and hardware installation for a Big Four Bank

Greenbox is managing the pre-deployment and installation of around 5,500 new monitors for a Big Four banking client. This project is being rolled out in multiple stages and locations across three states, over a three-year period.

Working closely with both the OEM hardware partner and the client, Greenbox plans the project and coordinates services according to the scope of works. The company takes delivery of assets, manages the pre-deployment looming to standardise all cabling, and undertakes hardware repackaging, delivery, and installation. Targus dock power tip sorting and UPS installation are also included. When it comes to installation, Greenbox mounts the monitors, installs docking stations and peripherals and ensures that cabling and looming adhere to WorkSmart standards.

Strict quality assurance is performed at deployment including:

  • Checking the physical condition of assets and components
  • Ensuring cable management meets customer specifications
  • Connecting laptops to their docking station and testing functionality
  • Testing peripheral equipment: keyboard and mouse
  • Ensuring monitors are operational and meet customer requirements for primary vs secondary setup
  • Providing a QA summary the client, including desk locations, asset serial numbers and MAC addressing

Finally, Greenbox manages the collection and environmentally-responsible recycling of cartons and packaging materials. Support for DOA asset management and floorwalking is also provided.

ICT hardware disposal contract with DoD

As published by CRN magazine, Greenbox has a $5m contract with the Department of Defence for the disposal of IT hardware such as desktop PCs, monitors, notebooks, servers, network equipment and related accessories and peripherals. Greenbox partnered with DoD to develop robust processes, and has supported the project by constructing a purpose-built facility in Canberra.

The project includes sanitising more than 100,000 desktop computers over 15 months and repurposing them for sale to deliver significant cost recoveries. Greenbox provides web-based tracking for all asset movements for full transparency. It also ensures that the project enhances the Department’s triple bottom line: with a zero landfill guarantee, and socially responsible re-use of redundant equipment.

Managed deployment services for 2,400 healthcare assets

Working with a leading OEM partner, Greenbox is providing a range of asset management services for a publicly-listed healthcare company. This involves receipt of 2,400 IT hardware assets, secure storage for several months ahead of deployment, provision of the remote connected image configuration, and deployment to approximately 70 sites across Australia.

Close coordination with the OEM partner and client is critical to facilitate efficient deployment during small after-hours windows to minimise business disruption.

Greenbox provides asset recovery services to deliver additional value. These include guaranteed data quarantine periods, ISO-accredited seven pass data sanitisation, DOA management, refurbishment and re-imaging of removed equipment. Pre- and post- floorwalking assists with data back-up, restoration, remediation of hardware issues and change management.

Deployment and disposal of 13,000 education laptops

Greenbox provided pre-deployment, testing, delivery and value recovery services for an education laptop replacement program. We took receipt of 13,000 new laptops and accessories, completed testing and asset tagging, packaged them in fit-for-purpose boxes, and delivered them to more than 800 sites. We then collected the outgoing laptops, de-identified them, securely wiped the hard drives, completed testing and refurbishment, and placed them into reuse markets in Europe.

Emergency services IT configuration

For a state emergency services organisation, Greenbox provided connected configuration services for imaging of the organisation’s devices. The highly sensitive needs of the client were met using Greenbox’s own facilities, which operate to defence standards and keep all services in-house.