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eWaste in Brisbane: Plus full IT lifecycle services

Looking for a Brisbane eWaste specialist to recycle your IT hardware? Greenbox can help with this, and a whole range of IT asset management services. With our head office in Brisbane, we’re local specialists, with national capability.

We recycle and manage a wide range of hardware for Australian organisations. This includes PCs, laptops, monitors, servers and storage, communications and networking, mobile phones and tablets, and telecommunications equipment.

Why choose Greenbox?

There are many eWaste providers in Brisbane, but Greenbox stands out as a leader because we:

  • Do more than disposal. We offer end-to-end IT asset management services.
  • Have more than 18 years of proven experience as a high-security computer recycling company.
  • Provide competitive returns, with a national and international buying network.
  • Offer the highest security that meet defence standards. Your data needs the utmost protection at every stage of the eCycling journey, especially for hard drive wiping.
  • Can navigate national needs. We manage large and complex eWaste projects, including one that involves 100,000+ IT assets. It’s our expertise, our processes and our four facilities in Australia that other vendors can’t match.
  • Stand for sustainability. Greenbox is compliant to R2 global standards, and is environmentally certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

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Find out what your IT equipment is worth, or have a chat about our full lifecycle service.

You’ll find us at:

  111 Benjamin Place
Lytton QLD 4178

  1300 201 010

Greenbox Brisbane Office

111 Benjamin Place Lytton QLD 4178

End-to-end services

Prepare - GreenBox


Post-purchase, Greenbox manages the logistics and installation of new IT equipment.

Configure - GreenBox


Prepare your IT fleet for an efficient rollout at our high-security facilities by having your live image installed before deployment.

Deployment - GreenBox


We manage the resources, technology and logistics of your IT deployment to minimise disruption and the drain on your staff resources.

Secure - GreenBox


The highest security data sanitisation, degaussing and destruction at our national facilities.

Recycling - GreenBox


Flexible asset collection, and the safest and most secure eWaste processing that delivers a return with full transparency.

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Greenbox's national locations mean we are local, yet can manage Australia's largest asset management projects.

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