Greenbox has secured a $5m hardware disposal contract with the Department of Defence, as reported by CRN magazine:

“The Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) within the Department of Defence is responsible for the disposal of equipment such as desktop PCs, monitors, notebooks, servers, network equipment and related accessories and peripherals. Items are usually disposed when they run out of warranty or reach end of life.

According to a department spokesperson, most major brands are represented within the department and disposed of when required.

All ICT hardware, including servers, are sanitised in accordance with the Defence Information Security Manual (ISM). All items are deemed “unclassified” before disposal, ensuring the security of information.”

The contract notice stated that Greenbox was selected after providing the best value for money. The company is listed on the head agreement for the provision of desktop hardware and associated services to whole-of-government. Data#3, Dell, HP and UXC Connect are among the other 12 companies listed.

Greenbox provides end-to-end technology lifecycle services to the high-security needs of the defence industry.

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