Banking, Leasing, Finance

Banking asset management services to support IT departments

Greenbox provides asset management services to the banking, leasing and finance industries. Our services are fully transparent, with appropriate levels of accountability. We are committed to assisting clients to meet obligations in the forthcoming Notifiable Data Breach legislation being introduced to the Privacy Act in 2018.

Why Greenbox?

Banking clients choose Greenbox because we:

  • Achieve strong financial outcomes, including strong returns on end-of-use equipment using a global disposal network.
  • Protect data security (and in turn, your customers) with defence-grade security credentials and the most stringent asset management quality processes that minimise risk and keep you out of the press.
  • Provide detailed asset and financial reporting to satisfy the accounting and compliance requirements of these industries.
  • Are routinely audited on behalf of clients. This involves an auditor visiting our sites unannounced to observe our physical and personnel security measures and using diagnostic and forensic software to verify our hard drive data destruction results.
  • Have the national presence and facilities to manage the requirements of large banking organisations, including national services that reach to regional areas of Australia.
  • Offer flexibility to tailor services to your individual requirements.

“I’d absolutely recommend Greenbox. They are easy to deal with, efficient, trustworthy, and do what they say they will.”

IT Infrastructure Manager

Prepare - GreenBox


From the moment you purchase new IT equipment, we manage logistics and streamline installation.


Prepare your IT fleet for an efficient rollout at our high-security facilities by having your live image installed before deployment.


We manage the resources, technology and logistics of your IT deployment to minimise disruption and the drain on your staff resources.


The highest security data sanitisation, degaussing and destruction at our national facilities.
Recycling - GreenBox


Flexible asset collection, and the safest and most secure eWaste processing that delivers a return with full transparency.

Case study: Pre-deployment and hardware installation for a Big Four Bank

Greenbox is managing the pre-deployment and installation of around 5,500 new monitors for a Big Four banking client. This project is being rolled out in multiple stages and locations across three states, over a three-year period.

Working closely with both the OEM hardware partner and the client, Greenbox plans the project and coordinates services according to the scope of works. The company takes delivery of assets, manages the pre-deployment looming to standardise all cabling, and undertakes hardware repackaging, delivery, and installation. Targus dock power tip sorting and UPS installation are also included. When it comes to installation, Greenbox mounts the monitors, installs docking stations and peripherals and ensures that cabling and looming adhere to WorkSmart standards.

Strict quality assurance is performed at deployment including:

  • Checking the physical condition of assets and components
  • Ensuring cable management meets customer specifications
  • Connecting laptops to their docking station and testing functionality
  • Testing peripheral equipment: keyboard and mouse
  • Ensuring monitors are operational and meet customer requirements for primary vs secondary setup
  • Providing a QA summary the client, including desk locations, asset serial numbers and MAC addressing

Finally, Greenbox manages the collection and environmentally-responsible recycling of cartons and packaging materials. Support for DOA asset management and floorwalking is also provided.