Education asset management that delivers value

Greenbox provides IT asset management services to schools, universities and government agencies to support in-house teams and provide the best financial returns.

Why Greenbox?

Education clients choose Greenbox for asset management because we:

  • Provide a financial return for disposal of end-of-use equipment. There may be valuable funds tied up in your IT hardware that can in turn be used to offset IT deployment services to support a stretched IT team.
  • Help IT teams manage laptop rollouts efficiently and effectively, including working over school holidays.
  • Help meet environmental responsibilities by recycling your IT assets.
  • Offer flexibility to tailor education asset management services to your individual requirements.

“Greenbox follows every letter of the law – they reuse every component. They are in touch with the needs of marketplace, they’re savvy business people, and they’re passionate about the environment.”

Mel Van Nek, Asset Logistics Coordinator, Queensland University of Technology

Prepare - GreenBox


From the moment you purchase new IT equipment, we manage logistics and streamline installation.


Prepare your IT fleet for an efficient rollout at our high-security facilities by having your live image installed before deployment.


We manage the resources, technology and logistics of your IT deployment to minimise disruption and the drain on your staff resources.


The highest security data sanitisation, degaussing and destruction at our national facilities.
Recycling - GreenBox


Flexible asset collection, and the safest and most secure eWaste processing that delivers a return with full transparency.

Case study: Pre-deployment and disposal of 13,000 teacher laptops

Greenbox provided pre-deployment, testing, delivery and value recovery services for an education laptop replacement program. We took receipt of 13,000 new laptops and accessories, completed testing and asset tagging, packaged them in fit-for-purpose boxes, and delivered them to more than 800 sites. We then collected the outgoing laptops, de-identified them, securely wiped the hard drives, completed testing and refurbishment, and placed them into reuse markets in Europe.