Secure IT pre-deployment

An IT infrastructure deployment project is often logistically and technically complex. As an experienced and capable partner, Greenbox absorbs these challenges and delivers exceptional outcomes to meet your business needs.

Our size and capability mean we do not outsource any part of our solution. By using our own secure facilities and staff we remove the inherent risks of introducing third parties. Our solution includes a unique national service delivered from four warehouses with 10,000+m2, a team of experts in logistics, project management and technical services, with military-grade levels of security.

What we do

1. Supply chain

Greenbox delivers augmented supply chain services, reducing the need for significant personnel and facility investment. From our four national warehouses, we can deliver on your unique upstream supply chain requirements.

2. Pre-staging

Reduce time and effort with our pre-staging service. We pre-configure new equipment to your specifications so that it is pre-tested and ready for immediate deployment.

3. Hardware configuration

We configure and prepare hardware to your specifications, so that it’s delivered to site, just as you need it.

Why Greenbox for pre-deployment?

Clients choose Greenbox as their IT pre-deployment partner, because we:

  • Relieve you of the logistics and labour burden for your IT rollout or refresh.
  • Have our own facilities and staff. This reduces any supply chain risks and provides you with optimal security, speed, and cost for your deployment.
  • Have national capability for the largest rollout projects. From hardware storage to pre-deployment services, we manage Australia’s largest rollouts – into the tens of thousands.
  • Offer pre-deployment for a variety of hardware, including PCs, laptops, servers, peripherals, phone systems and networking.

“What makes Greenbox different is their military-grade credentials. Data security is a top concern for us.”

IT Procurement & Finance Manager, professional services firm.

Want to discuss pre-deployment?

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