Data security services: Hard drive destruction

With defence-grade security credentials, Greenbox sets the standard. We offer the highest level of security from start to finish. That means secure transport, secure facilities, secure sanitisation and destruction processes, and security-cleared staff.

What we do

1. Data destruction

Greenbox offers a range of data destruction services to suit customer needs, including security levels that reflect each operating environment. We use industry-leading data destruction software, retain itemised digital wipe records for use in future audits, and operate to Australian Standard – ISM 2016 Controls. Our data destruction services can scale to the largest project requirements: in excess of 1,500 drives per day.

2. Hard drive degaussing

Degaussing is used to destroy data on hard drives and other magnetic media. Next to physical destruction, it is the only way to completely destroy data, and can be completed before recycling. Greenbox offers degaussing at the customer site, or at one of our four secure national facilities.

3. Hard drive shredding

Physically destroying a hard drive ensures that information is 100% unrecoverable. Our services cover secure collection and transportation by appropriately cleared personnel. We record serial numbers and provide a Certificate of Destruction.

Why Greenbox for data security?

Clients choose Greenbox for hard drive destruction because we:

  • Keep services in-house. Using our own national facilities and personnel ensures there is no degradation of the chain of custody.
  • Work to defence standards, including handling classified material.
  • Offer flexible choices, such as onsite data destruction.
  • Manage national requirements across four facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.
  • Ensure every facility is ISO 9001 quality certified so that your equipment is processed using registered procedures to maintain data integrity.
  • Operate with military-grade security. All warehouses have 24-hour CCTV surveillance inside and out, and are double gated.
  • Employ staff who are cleared by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency and hold the appropriate accreditations.
  • Are a Platinum Partner for Blancco’s data erasure software. Blancco has been tested, certified, approved or recommended by 18 national and international governing bodies.
  • Offer data cleansing for a variety of hardware, including PCs, laptops, servers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Have robust governance from board level to the warehouse floor to meet the needs of risk-sensitive clients.

“Greenbox’s commitment to security and the ownership they take around their processes are extremely important to protecting our brand.”

IT Delivery Manager, defence industry provider

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