Managing IT assets across the lifecycle

Greenbox supports leading Australian organisations to manage their IT assets over the full lifecycle, from sourcing and installation, through to data sanitisation and disposal. Today’s big data comes with big responsibilities, and Greenbox is trusted by Australia’s biggest and best. We take full responsibility for IT asset management and data security so you gain maximum benefit from the latest technology, with minimum impact.

Greenbox makes the process seamless: ensuring business continuity, while meeting all responsibilities for risk, accountability, governance, the environment and community. Put simply, we manage the technology lifecycle with minimal disruption, risk and waste, and maximum efficiencies.

Greenbox at a glance

  • Greenbox is a privately-owned IT asset lifecycle management company, with high-security facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.
  • We provide end-to-end services across the technology lifecycle, including pre-deployment , connected configuration, deployment, asset recovery and data security.
  • We have proven experience in Australia’s largest, most complex projects with the highest of security requirements. We are currently working on Australia’s largest IT disposal project, which includes data wiping for 100,000+ IT assets.
  • We have robust governance in place, starting with our board and ending on the warehouse floor. Our people and our ISO-certified processes ensure we follow strict systems, identify exceptions immediately, and cater the needs of the most risk-sensitive clients.
  • We securely manage a wide range of IT assets, including: PCs, laptops, monitors, servers and storage, communications and networking, mobile phones and tablets, and telecommunications equipment.
  • We specialise in the needs of industry: government, education, banking and defence.

Fast Facts

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Full control, full visibility

Our customers tell us that controlling their digital information on end-of-use IT assets and avoiding data breaches keeps them awake at night. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in our processes, people, facilities and systems to make security a paramount concern. Choosing Greenbox means a partner that:

  • Holds multiple certifications and is compliant to numerous standards, including those of the defence industry.
  • Offers full transparency in our customer relationships by providing detailed asset reports, movement logs, digital certificates and audit reports.
  • Has proven experience working on Australia’s most challenging IT asset lifecycle projects.
  • Employs staff who are cleared by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency and the Australian Federal Police.

When you choose Greenbox, you will avoid environmental waste and data security breaches while gaining benefits from cost effective and seamless lifecycle solutions.