Choosing your ITAD Vendor – A Quick Checklist

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IT directors and compliance officers often have many questions about final IT asset disposition (ITAD). To make sure that your global ITAD vendor can meet your needs and requirements, use the checklist below as a reference for the questions you should ask.


  • Can you ensure that my IT assets are handled securely to protect privacy and comply with regulations?

  • Do they provide secure transport for your IT Assets? Are their data destruction methods compliant with industry standards, such as NIST and DoD? Do they have data destruction certifications, such as NAID AAA Certification?

  • Have the recycling expertise and equipment to extract maximum value from my IT Assets, allowing my company to benefit financially from the IT Disposal process?

  • Do they have relevant ISO Certifications? Are they compliant with international and local data protection laws?

  • Do they have environmental certifications, such as the Responsible Recycling (R2v3) Certification? Are they certified to dispose of e-waste in an environmentally friendly way?

  • Do they provide detailed reporting on the disposition of your IT Assets? Can they provide documentation of data destruction and recycling? Can they provide access to online portals for tracking and reporting on your IT Assets.

  • Do they provide customised solutions based on your IT Asset inventory? Do they offer secure storage and disposal of retired IT Assets with a range of data destruction methods?

  • What is their track record in the ITAD industry? Do they have a clear process for handling issues that may arise?

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