Greenbox Expands to Canberra

27 October 2017 by

Greenbox has expanded its Australian footprint for IT lifecycle services with a Canberra warehouse opened in July 2017. As reported by CRN magazine, Greenbox has a $5m IT disposal contract with the Department of Defence, which will see the company manage the largest IT recycling project in Australia.

Greenbox CEO Shane Mulholland said the expansion was a clear indication of the company’s commitment to supporting the federal government and defence markets. “Our new facility is the largest of its type in Australia. We have built a multi-purpose facility that has the capacity to image or wipe 800 machines simultaneously and store 1500+ pallets of equipment at the pre-deployment or pre-disposal phases of the asset lifecycle. There are very few facilities that can operate at this scale in Australia. There are even fewer that can operate at scale and with the personnel and physical security overlay that we have in place in Canberra. We are very committed to servicing large and security sensitive organisations.”

“Being a local provider ultimately reduces handling of IT assets, and therefore the risk and costs for our clients. Our new facility is purpose-built to suit the specific needs of IT lifecycle management, and the stringent security requirements of the defence industry. Canberra clients need scale and security: our facility meets ASIO-T4 security construction standards, will offer end-to-end IT lifecycle services, and will store up to 2,000 pallets of IT equipment such as new stock awaiting deployment.”

The new facility is located at 184 Gilmore Road Queanbeyan NSW 2620.