Greenbox is Australia’s First Carbon Neutral ITAD

27 September 2022 by greenbox

Greenbox Group, Australia’s most environmentally focused and innovative IT asset lifecycle management company, has announced today that it is now certified as 100% carbon neutral by the Federal Government Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. The certification process has been a rigorous 12 month program for Greenbox which has involved the business undertaking an extensive audit of its carbon inventory, followed by improvements that it has, and will continue to make to its existing operations, as well as partnering with the Moombidary Forest Regeneration Project in Queensland to support the growth of native forests which covers a wider range of Sustainable & Social Development Goals.

A spokesperson for Climate Active said, “Congratulations Greenbox Group on your carbon neutral certification. We are proud you’ve made the choice to be part of the Climate Active network. It’s great to see new carbon neutral services emerging in the market, providing more sustainable options for consumers. Reducing emissions is a shared responsibility and it is encouraging to see Australian organisations like Greenbox Group doing their bit.”

Recognised by the Federal Government’s Climate Active certification as 100% carbon neutral for Australian business operations and services including managed deployment of new assets, secure IT asset recovery, processing, and disposals of old assets, Greenbox is now even more of a sustainability leader, with clear benefits to carbon neutral supply chains, environmental impact, ESG considerations and more. Greenbox guarantees that 100% of their customer’s technology equipment is diverted away from landfill as well as providing real time access to the environmental impact created that this activity generates through its advanced partner portal.   Greenbox Group’s Carbon Neutral, Climate Active certification will help its customers to reduce the impact that their supply chains have on the environment and importantly also give back to Australia’s first nations people through developing permanent native forests and assisted regeneration from in-situ seed sources (including rootstock and lignotubers) on land that was cleared of vegetation for livestock grazing and where regrowth had been suppressed for an extended period of time.

Ross Thompson, Greenbox CEO explains: “Whilst Greenbox is extremely proud of its environmental credentials over the last 20 years of operations, we acknowledge that more needs to be done via organisations such as Climate Active in order to reverse the catastrophic impacts of climate change.”

“Since inception, Greenbox Group’s circular economy practices have prevented more than 65 million kilograms of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere along with preventing more than 120,000 kilograms of toxic materials from leaching into landfills around the world, which is equivalent to the energy consumed by 7 million houses over one year.

“We will continue to invest in best practice internal and external activities, and initiatives that will leave a safe, secure and sustainable impact for generations to come,” Thompson concludes.

Greenbox Group’s corporate, government and education customers and partners now have access to a carbon-neutral supply chain ICT lifecycle management partner, which helps them stand out from competitors, meet shareholder expectations, attract and retain the best talent, meet current and future ESG obligations, and positively impact their own supply chain carbon neutrality ambitions. 

Customers are provided with real time data in relation to the carbon emissions that they are mitigating via engaging with Greenbox Group’s services, with customer carbon certificates also able to be generated via this bespoke Greenbox portal.