What is R2 Certification? Why do you need to trust us?

2 November 2022 by kamalp

What is R2 Certification? R2 certification also referred to as Responsible Recycling is a standard created for the electronics recycling industry by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI). SERI is the housing body for the R2 standard. It works with a coalition of partners to raise awareness of electronics repair and recycling issues around the world. Sure, you’d like to believe everyone does what they say they’ll do. But the unfortunate truth is, there are plenty of people out there more worried about their bottom line than your brand’s reputation. How do you know what really happens to your used electronics once they are out of your sight?

No matter what they tell you, some vendors just pick out the things with value and ship everything else off to the lowest bidder. Some look for all the little ways to cut costs. That means risking damage to your business, the environment, or the health and safety of their workers.

So… how do you know we aren’t one of them?

How do you know that your data is going to be protected? That harmful materials are going safely contained? And that reusable materials are actually recovered and recycled? How do you know your used electronics are being reused and recycled in ways that protect your brand equity and won’t harm people or the environment? How do you know we are a partner you can trust to do it right?

Our R2 Certification is how you know

“We don’t just talk about data security and sustainability – we live it”

R2 sets the standard for responsible reuse and recycling practices. It includes data security, environmental protection, resource preservation, and the health and safety of workers. R2 wraps a best practice standard and an independent accountability mechanism around the management and movement of an electronic device from the point of departure from a first users’ site, through the many layers of the reverse supply chain until ultimately the device is reduced to manufacturing seed material.  

A value we hold deeply at Greenbox, and we are ISO 14001 (environment management system) quality certified. Greenbox is the first ITAD to go 100% carbon neutral in Australia. All the Greenbox facilities have been awarded the R2 certification. It is the premier global standard for electronics repair and recycling which means we’re held to that higher standard for how we handle your used electronics. Independent audits are included as part of the process. And that’s how you can be confident that your brand is protected when entrusting your electronics to us.

Scan the QR code to verify our R2 Certification and our R2 certified facilities across Australia