Benefits of IT Asset Disposal

2 December 2022 by kamalp

This blog talks about the benefits of IT Asset Disposal to your organisation.

E-waste is one of the growing environmental problems in the world. WEEE forum says that in 2022, around 5.3 billion mobile phones and laptops are thrown away and it is predicted that e-waste can go up to 74 million tonnes a year by 2030.

While we cannot stop the emerging technology, we can control how we use them and how we dispose our e-waste. In today’s world, IT assets in a business carry a lot of sensitive data and the assets that are kept in storage present a threat to the business. Businesses must make a plan to securely dispose their IT Assets or hire an ITAD.

What is ITAD?

IT Asset Disposition or disposal (ITAD) is the term used for the various processes of reusing, recycling, repurposing, repairing, or disposing of unwanted IT equipment.

This type of disposal is crucial for businesses because it guards against sensitive data being leaked or falling into the wrong hands. A secure IT disposal program will help your company meet compliance mandates and protect any important and sensitive data it might hold.

Benefits of IT Asset Disposal

Here are some benefits of IT Asset Disposal.

  • Save your logistics cost – Now, imagine not having to stress about disposing of your used IT equipment. Envision a company that takes care of all the work for you, from gathering and sorting to removing, refurbishing, reselling, and recycling. Imagine not losing or breaking your equipment because it’s all being taken care of by someone else. ITADs do this for you. By hiring an ITAD company for your old IT assets, you can save time and money.
  • Your data is safe – Secure ITADs have ISO certifications related to data security. Your obsolete IT assets may contain sensitive information about the business. By hiring an ITAD, they erase the data for you and destroy the hard drives by providing you with a certificate.
  • Regulates environmental, corporate laws and compliance – You can dispose your IT assets on your own. But we beware that there are many environmental, corporate and compliance laws around it. Failing to adhere to these laws can result in loss of brand’s reputation, trust breach and lots of fines. Secure ITADs dispose your IT assets in a most secure way adhering to the laws and protecting the environment.
  • Value recovery and moneyback – Did you know that you can gain buyback value for your used IT assets? Asset disposition Isn’t just about paying to dispose them of. It is also about recovering value out of those assets by refurbishing them. A good ITAD program offers a good money back to your assets based on the condition along with data wiping and collection to reduce your hassle and secure the best financial return.
  • Make an impact to the environment – By hiring an ITAD to dispose your assets, you can gain full peace of mind that your assets are not going into e-waste but are securely recycled or refurbished. Secure ITADs have certifications related to environment and recycling. The assets are disposed of in an appropriate manner without any carbon emissions.

Develop an Asset Inventory list

An asset inventory is crucial for any organization that owns IT assets. This list can include everything from computers and external drives to thumb drives, cameras, and mobile phones.

Creating an asset inventory helps you keep track of each item in your disposal process. You’ll know exactly where it went – whether it was incinerated, repurposed, or recycled. This information is important for eco-friendly practices and for knowing the value of your assets.

A safe data destruction audit begins by examining the asset inventory to check for any remarketing, relocation, or donation items. The IT Department can confirm that no other IT assets are included in the inventory.

How Greenbox can help

Greenbox is an IT Asset Disposal company that disposes of your old IT equipment when they reach the end of their lifecycle. If your organisation has IT assets reaching end of lifecycle, Greenbox can help you dispose them of. We offer secure collection of your assets. Once they reach one of our facilities, we wipe the data using Blancco (industry leading data erasure software). We are a platinum ITAD partner for Blancco. Your data is safe with us!

Greenbox is Australia’s first ITAD to go 100% carbon neutral. We provide you with a secure chain of custody. It allows you to track your assets from the time of collection until they are disposed of. We not only care about sustainability but we live by it. Greenbox has more than 20 ISO certifications and all our facilities are R2 certified.  We provide you with carbon emission certificates and have a 0-landfill policy.