Greenbox: Proud Member of Supply Nation Since 2020

18 April 2023 by kamalp

Greenbox has been a proud member of Supply Nation since 2020. Supply Nation has Australia’s biggest and most high profile directory of Indigenous businesses which is mandated as the first port of call for Federal Government procurement officers looking for Indigenous businesses to fulfil their targets under the Indigenous Procurement Policy.

Supply Nation is the first and pre-eminent supplier diversity organisation in Australia. Since 2009, it has worked with Indigenous businesses and procurement teams from government and corporate Australia to help shape today’s emerging and rapidly evolving Indigenous business sector. Supply Nation’s support, combined with a range of business tools, helps with our Greenbox strategy to develop supplier diversity practices. It is an Australian organization that promotes and facilitates the use of Indigenous-owned businesses by government and corporate buyers.

How we are helping our customers with our commitment to supplier diversity?

    • Demonstrating a commitment to reconciliation: By becoming a Supply Nation member, Greenbox is demonstrating its commitment to reconciliation and supporting Indigenous-owned businesses.
    • Providing access to culturally appropriate products and services: Supply Nation members offer services that are culturally appropriate and meet wide range of the needs of Indigenous communities.
    • Supporting Indigenous communities: Greenbox is helping to create economic opportunities for Indigenous communities. This can help to promote social and economic development in these communities, which can benefit customers by creating more vibrant and sustainable communities.

    With Greenbox being a proud member of supply nation since 2020, we benefit customers demonstrating a commitment to supplier diversity, reconciliation, accessing culturally appropriate products and services, and supporting Indigenous communities.